Integrated IDX / CRM Platform helps you automate lead follow-up, collaborate with clients and leads - and close more deals!

The Real Estate CRM solution includes a lead, prospect and client management system.

                                                          Real Estate CRM and Lead Management

Comprehensive lead profiling, lead follow-up, sales management and sales support tools are provided for Agents, Teams and Offices.

  • Automate follow-up tasks and keep-in-touch to develop lead loyalty
  • Manage Leads better with integrated systems
  • Collaborate with your clients and prospects
  • Maximize your sales and marketing productivity and close more

Monitor and Nurture

The CRM Lead Management platform is tightly integrated to the IDX widgets and your website,  so that activities of every lead can be tracked.

  • Relevant and helpful intelligence means each Lead can be managed and nurtured very effectively in the context of their home search needs.
  • Detailed profiles provide analysis of search-activity, logins, opened-emails, viewed-properties and more, helping you quickly assess their needs and intentions, adjust their searches and alerts, and even recommend properties for them too.
  • Automated and high-value keep-in-touch programs such as property alerts and drip email campaigns constantly bring leads back to your website.
                                                                               Integrated IDX CRM platform

Sales Support and Productivity

Maximize your sales productivity by having all your existing clients and prospects use your website for their home searches. Now you can let them do their own searches, as many want to, but on YOUR website. Automated action plans, drip campaigns, mass email and automated calling are all part of your CRM solution.

Agent and Team Accountability

Whether you are a single agent or a team leader, the dashboards and reports help manage accountability for all. See every email sent, and calls made to each lead. History and activity tracking always gives you the complete picture. Sales Forecasting helps agents to stay on track!


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It is a fact that nearly 95 percent of home buyers start their search for homes online. 

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