NOW! Comes Traviea, with our turn-key approach, we use four highly effective, successful and aggressive marketing tools that are provided to all our members free of charge.
We nurture our members leads seamlessly all the way through the buying process. We keep in contact with them through drip email campaigns, follow up calls, scheduling property showings that interests them, all the way to closing!

Our real estate lead generating websites and directory runs on autopilot. This is our flagship product and is an excellent choice for a real estate agent looking to separate from the crowd and promote their own brand and business.

Having access to our effective, successful and aggressively marketed real estate directory. It is a great tool for capturing leads that are currently on your website searching to buy-sell-rent property from your inventory or area.

We compile a list of contacts in and around a radius of your current open house and email those contacts to invite them to take a tour. Furthermore, we will explain to them that you’re having an open house for XYZ property in their neighborhood and you just wanted to know if any of their friends or family were interested in moving to the neighborhood.

We will compile a list of contacts in and around a radius of your just sold properties and explain to them that you just sold XYZ property in their neighborhood and you wanted to know if they or anyone of their neighbors were interested in selling their homes.

We offer SEO marketing, blogs, social media marketing, a high traffic real estate directory, IDX, MLS, CRM, lead generating autopilot website, web address, and a business email.

 All of these marketing tools are an excellent choice for promoting your own brand and real estate business. You will have the best competitive position of all other real estate agents in your marketing area.
As a professional real estate agent, these tools will also afford you an excellent opportunity to gather quality leads from prospects, that are actively searching in your real estate market.
Our member’s success, brand, and business are our number one priority! Our first-class service is second to none. Nowhere else will you find these tools collectively working for you 24/7 on autopilot, and giving you the freedom to do what you do best, “SELL”! We work hard for our members behind the scene providing a valuable top-notch marketing service that other large companies promise, but never deliver. Best of all, it is free to all of our members, and there is no contract, so if we don’t deliver, you are not stuck in a membership that’s not producing. Promotional Pricing for a membership subscription.

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Owning a powerful lead generating website running on autopilot will free up an agent's time to focus on sales.

In addition, agents who add more value to their services for future clients like IDX searches on their website will be rewarded with more leads. Leads give agents more opportunities for sales. 

It is a fact that nearly 95 percent of home buyers start their search for homes online. 

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